Why Should I Work as a CSR Mandarin at Anderson Group?

Some of the most in demand jobs of today are in the BPO industry–Marketing, Sales, IT jobs, and the most popular, Call Center positions. In retrospect, CSR jobs are not the easiest but in Anderson Group, we recognize hard work and loyalty by giving what is due.

Aside from working in a safe business district that is known for its contemporary living and must visit lifestyle and recreation places, working with Anderson Group has its other benefits. Here are some of the few perks you can get when you join Anderson Group’s team.

What makes working in Anderson Group as a Customer Service Representative (Mandarin) different?

600 USD Travel allowance per year

Apart from your basic salary, an amount of 600 USD is added to cover your travel expenses in a year! That is definitely a great boost on your travel budget, allowing you to relax and travel during different times of the year.

Above industry compensation

Earn up to 83,000 php monthly with up to 30,000 php on allowances every 6 months. You can finally save up for that car you’ve been looking forward to buy or that place you have been paying off for quite some time!

Meal Allowance

Aside from the travel allowance given annually, a separate financial support for your meals will be granted. That’s another thing that you can cross off your expenses list and allocate on other things that you want to save or spend on.

SL/VL -10 each per contract

Hard work pays! You are entitled to have a break and unwind with your family and friends. Working with the Anderson Group grants you 10 sick leaves and paid vacation leaves each per contract so you can relax or refuel yourself for the coming workdays.

Fun and Stress-Free Environment

Here at Anderson Group, we value a good work and life balance. We see to it that everyone who deserves recognition is given proper acknowledgement. We maintain a collaborative working relationship inside the office to encourage not only self-growth but also fellowship.

If you are interested in these perks, be a part of Anderson Group as a Customer Service Representative (Mandarin)! Join our team now and don’t miss out on all the fun! Send your CVs to phrecruitment@andersongroup.uk.com. Go and tell your friends about this amazing opportunity.

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