Asia BPM Summit 2017

Stronger Than Ever: Asia BPM Summit 2017

The Asia Business Process Management (BPM) summit was held last March 15, 2017 at the Manila Mariott Hotel. It was a gathering of industry leaders and professionals that celebrated the success of the Philippine sector, discussion of the plans moving forward, and how the industry as whole can overcome challenges that could get in the way of the growth of the industry.

With the theme “Headwinds Makes Us Stronger” the crowd was updated with the status of the BPO industry and factors to be considered moving forward.

As a testament to this growth, the Philippine BPO sector closed 2016 with a bang. As the year ended, the current landscape of the industry showed how far it has gone as the global BPO market is currently valued at $166 Billion and promising potential that could come as early as the near future. It’s not without challenges as countries like China and Mexico are challenging the stronghold of the Philippines in the market. Technology continues to play a factor both positively and negatively, while technological advances like Cloud Services made leaps and bounds on providing quality service, the same advances threatens the replacement of some of the functions of BPO providers with machines.

Industry Evolution and Versatility of Filipinos

The Philippine BPO industry is stronger than ever and is evolving. While the country is known as the “Contact Center Capital” of the world and has acquired a reputation of providing quality call center services, other back office or outsourced non-voice solutions are quickly becoming a specialty of Filipinos as well.

Success on the Corporate Level

Also part of the Asia BPM Summit are some of the Philippine’s most successful BPO providers. Top management and leaders from these BPO giants shared a look on their company culture and what it took them to achieve their success. Key takeaways common among successful companies are focusing on having a distinct identity for your company, finding the right partnerships and sustaining them, and taking care of your people.

Affecting Other Industries

As it normally goes in the business landscape, the success of one industry is related to others. For the outsourcing business, its success directly affects other industries such as the construction industry. Demands for development of business infrastructures are more evident than ever, because of the boom in outsourcing. Rural areas that are previously an afterthought for strategic business location are suddenly prime business districts, providing a venue for multi-national businesses and an increase in employment opportunities for more Filipinos

The Australian market on focus

The Australian market on focus

The Future is Bright

During the event, all the speakers reassured one thing: the BPO industry is going stronger than ever worldwide, and the Philippines is leading that exponential growth. The future is bright for the BPO industry.

With the quality service that the industry provides, there has been a significant increase in the demands as well. To supplement this, detailed industry-wide plans like “Road Map 2022: Accelerate PH, Future Ready” are in place to give direction and address the challenges that might come in the way of the industry’s growth. It’s not going to be an easy road but things will only get better.

Anderson Group BPO, Inc. Represented

Anderson Group BPO, Inc., a quality BPO service provider, took part in the event. Represented by its Business Development Head, Paulo Salud, here are his thoughts on the event:

“I am always excited to attend different industry events. I see it as a great opportunity to get updated with industry news and share the room with some of the best industry leaders. Asia BPM Summit is one that I am always looking forward to attend each year.”

“The topics on point with the current trends and situations that organizations and our country are currently facing. It is such a pleasure to listen to the leaders talk about their point of views, solutions and experience on different aspects of the business,” he added.

Opportunities Down Under

Furthermore, while the United States is still the biggest outsourcer to the Philippines, Paulo believes that Australia is on the verge to fully embracing Offshoring, not only to lower down cost but more importantly to improve customer experience.

“Anderson Group realizes these challenges and learning from other organizations has given us insights on how we deal with our own. With the right mix of experience and young talents, we are prime and positioned not only to solve our issue but our clients.”

The summit definitely gave inspiration and hope to all involved in the industry. We all look forward to what 2017 and beyond can bring.


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