What Is Order Management?

Order management entails the process of taking, processing, and fulfilling orders. An agent that performs this service may also handle inquiries about a product, cancellation of orders, order follow-ups, and requests for a product upgrade. The agent’s primary objective is to relay a customer’s information and order to the client efficiently.

Why You Should Outsource Order Management

Businesses such as online stores and restaurants choose to outsource order management for the following reasons:

  • To reduce overhead. Many businesses primarily choose to outsource for the cost advantage. They will no longer worry about the tools and utilities of the employee-in-charge of orders as these are already included in the payment package.
  • To increase the efficiency of the order management process. A BPO company’s core function is managing non-core tasks such as order management. Businesses that are looking for practical alternatives in improving their order management process opt to outsource.
  • To maximize all opportunities for a sale. Businesses may also ask agents to include cross-selling and up-selling in their tasks. Outsourcing also gives businesses the option to have round-the-clock operations for order taking.
  • To boost customer satisfaction. Regardless of an online option to order, there are customers who still opt to place orders through a phone. Some just feel more assured about their order with a live person confirming it. With the option to place orders via phone alongside a competent agent taking them, a business improves customer satisfaction.
  • To accommodate a large volume of calls. Order volumes may vary for certain businesses. For example, a flower shop can expect a higher volume of orders during months of February and November. Outsourcing relieves businesses that are looking for talents immediately.

Examples of Industries That Outsource Order Management

  • Food & Beverage
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Government services

When You Should  Outsource Order Management

Below are some of the challenges that prompt business owners to outsource order management: 

  • Limited resources to support business expansion plans
  • A sudden increase in the number of calls
  • A high number of abandoned calls
  • Too many customers complaining about the order process
Where You Should Outsource Order Management

Once you have decided to outsource, it’s best to conduct your research about the top outsourcing locations and outsourcing vendors worldwide. Just so you already have options to check out, India, China, and the Philippines are the top outsourcing destinations. While India is primarily looked into for IT-related services, the Philippines sits atop of the outsourcing destinations checked for voice-related services. Primary reasons for this case are as follows:

  • Filipinos are highly-proficient in speaking the English language
  • Filipinos are easily able to build rapport with foreigners because they are rich with western influences
  • Filipinos are highly-literate

Anderson Group BPO is an outsourcing vendor from the Philippines recognized for helping enterprises reach greater heights through its outstanding services.

How You Should Outsource Order Management

  • Pinpoint which area of your business needs improvement. The first step is to identify the problem in your business.
  • Seek solutions. There’s a vast amount of references on the web that can help you broaden your knowledge about outsourcing.
  • Contact the outsourcing vendor. While conducting your research, you can find an outsourcing vendor that seems fit to solve your problem. Once you do, call them. 
  • Tackle the problem you have identified in your business. The outsourcing vendor will ask more questions about your business nature and current process for order management. This allows them to forward more specific solutions.

The next step will depend on the fourth step. If the discussion went well, the next step can probably be visiting the vendor for a deeper discussion about your partnership.

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