What Is Inbound Sales?

Inbound Sales is an inbound call center service wherein agents answer incoming calls with the goal of making a sale. Agents for inbound sales should appear as a consultant to meet this objective. It is in this way that a customer feels at ease to share more about his/her frustrations, an opportunity that enables the agent to think about the product/service that will best resonate with unraveled needs.

Why You Should Outsource Inbound Sales

The most common reasons why businesses choose to outsource inbound sales are as follows:

  • To leverage all opportunities for a sale. Growing businesses are likely to experience an increase in incoming calls. Outsourcing gives the option to have someone handle incoming calls 24/7, enabling businesses to cover all opportunities for a sale. 
  • To optimize limited resources. It is undeniable that the process of recruiting, hiring, and training can take a considerable amount of time, money, and effort. These can cause companies, especially small to medium businesses, veer their focus from their core business function. Outsourcing allows businesses to optimize resources to improve core business function. 
  • To improve business reputation. While the Internet created multiple opportunities to increase brand awareness, its presence also increases the risk of losing hard-worked business reputation. By choosing the right BPO partner, companies can maintain and even improve their brand image.
  • To get an instant access to talent they need. Many businesses choose to outsource inbound sales to access the talents they need. BPO companies pool candidates to have a ready reference of individuals by the time a client decides to avail their BPO services.
  • To incur cost savings. The associated fees of outsourcing are significantly lower than the overhead costs of doing inbound sales in-house. Business owners can further maximize this cost-benefit if they choose the right outsourcing location. 

Examples of Industries That Outsource Inbound Sales

  • Electronics
  • Financial Services
  • Logistics
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Hospitality

When You Should Outsource Inbound Sales

Consider outsourcing inbound sales if you aim for the following:

  • If you aim to answer all calls
  • If you aim to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty
  • If you aim to improve brand image
  • If you aim to boost sales
  • If you aim to reduce operational costs
  • If you aim to expand your business in a cost-efficient way

Where You Should Outsource Inbound Sales

For the past years, businesses choose the Philippines for voice BPO including inbound sales. Why? It is because of the following advantages that they can enjoy: 

  • Highly-skilled workforce. The Philippines produces thousands of employable Filipino graduates yearly. This gives business owners an access to competent individuals that can easily be trained to produce desired sales results.
  • Cultural compatibility. The Philippines is a country rich with western influences. There are various western resources in the Philippines that can equip Filipinos with the information to build a connection with customers.
  • Proficiency in the English language. In the Philippines, English is the primary language used in both the business and education sectors. This enabled the Filipinos to develop a strong proficiency in speaking the language. 

Anderson Group BPO is a Philippine BPO provider acknowledged for delivering world-class business process outsourcing solutions. It has helped its clients increase bottom lines through effective inbound sales strategies. 

How You Should Outsource Inbound Sales

  • Identify the goal you want to achieve for your business. In choosing to outsource inbound sales, your goals can be to improve customer satisfaction, make sure that all calls are answered, and cut down operational costs.
  • Research about outsourcing. Equip yourself with the knowledge about outsourcing: its benefits, key players, and top vendors.
  • Contact the vendor that can provide you with helpful answers to meet your business objectives.
  • Explain the business objectives you are looking to meet through outsourcing. Discuss the shortcomings in your processes that hinder you from achieving these goals.

The fourth step will determine what will happen next. If you decide to avail the vendor’s inbound sales service, the next step can be visiting the vendor for a deeper discussion about your partnership.

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