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Attain your business objectives in reaching customers

At Anderson Group BPO Inc, we help our clients achieve their business goals through training our people to execute our services in the best way possible. Eager and earnest, we deliver exceptional services that help our clients become more successful.

One of our services that achieve this mission is an outbound call center. It is a type of call center wherein call center agents call potential and existing customers to fulfill the set goals of a client. The usual goals that an outbound call center agent must meet are making a sale, promoting a product or service, and gathering leads. To measure the success of its outbound call center agents in meeting these goals, a BPO company uses Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as sales conversion rate, calls per agent, and first call close.

Our strategic and results-driven outbound call center agents commit to attaining the goals of your outbound calls. Leaving your outbound calls to our capable hands will let you reap these awesome perks:

  1. Improved profitability. Our outbound call center agents undergo rigorous training, use the latest technology, and are subject to close monitoring to guarantee the quality delivery of our outbound call center services.  With this, you can be certain that we are capable to give you your desired outcomes–may it be to make a sale, streamline the sales process, or improve customer satisfaction. As an end result, you can enjoy an increase in your business earnings.
  2. You can make the best use of your time and effort. Finding qualified candidates to comprise your outbound call center team is a tedious process. By outsourcing to us, you will immediately obtain an outbound call center team to dedicate their time to reach your goals for your customers. This lets you get your desired results faster, saving you time to work on other key areas of your business.
  3. Assured security of entrusted business data. Anderson Group BPO Inc. holds an ISO 27001:2013 Certification. It means that our processes, technology, and people are capable to protect your data against risks, attacks, and vulnerabilities. With your data in our care, you can free yourself from worries about data security
  4. Cost-efficiency. Having outbound call center in-house can be costly considering office space and other overhead costs. By outsourcing to us, you can immediately obtain an adept outbound call center team to achieve your goals at a cost-competitive price. This allows you to save money that you can use to fund the improvement of other areas of your business such as product development. 

Below are some of the outbound call center services that Anderson Group BPO Inc. offers:

At Anderson Group BPO Inc, your success is our success. With this, you can be confident that our efforts to meet your business objectives will not falter. Send us an inquiry today at to know more about our outbound call center and other BPO services.