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Let your customers enjoy immediate assistance

At Anderson Group BPO Inc, we understand how important customers are in your success. They are one of the key resources that let you continue business operations. With this, we provide quality services that enable you to meet your clients’ needs and demands. Perceptive and pleasant, we commit to helping your customers so we can help you.

One of these services is chat support. In brief terms, chat support enables an agent and a customer to engage in a real-time conversation to address concerns or resolve issues. It appears as a pop-up dialogue box on the website of a company. In essence, chat support enables business owners to provide immediate or tier 1 assistance to the needs of their potential or existing customers.

Our proficient chat support agents will let your customers enjoy fast and significant responses to their needs. Outsourcing chat support to us will let you obtain the following advantages:

  1. Improved conversion rates. Our chat support agents are smart and sensible to provide the right responses to the concerns of your website visitors. As a result, they can enjoy a fast resolution to their needs. This cultivates customer satisfaction, which furthers the possibility of converting them into buying customers.
  2. You can make the best use of your valuable time and effort. Indeed, customers are crucial to the success of any business. Thus, a business must continuously work on improving their relationship with their customers. Our chat support services can help you achieve this goal by giving immediate support to your customers’ needs.  This lets you continue improving other key areas of your business with ease.
  3. Certified security and safety of business information. Anderson Group BPO Inc. has worked hard to attain an ISO 27001:2013 Certification. It is a proof that our information security and management systems are capable to secure and protect our clients’ sensitive data such as the personal information of their customers against uncertainties. This lets you be confident with the data you entrusted.
  4. Cost-efficiency. The quest for available and qualified candidates to comprise your chat support team is laborious and time-consuming. At a cost-competitive price, you can secure an efficient chat support team immediately without paying for overhead expenses such as office space, utilities, and supplies.

Below are some of the chat support services that Anderson Group BPO Inc. offers:

  • Customer Care
  • Technical Support
  • Help Desk
  • Data Validation
  • Sales

At Anderson Group BPO Inc, we see to it that our services will help you improve your business. With this, we will make sure that you appear great to your customers with the time we spend with them. Send us an inquiry today at to know more about our chat support and other BPO services.