IT-BPM Sector Sketches Success in 2022

Call Center Association of the Philippines, more commonly known as the CCAP, held another symposium and shared the conclusion they have gathered from IT-BPM companies all over the Philippines. Multiple affiliations from the BPM sector took part in the event together with other government bodies such as the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA). The Roadmap 2022 addressed the plausible growth of the IT-BPM industry and how to accelerate its development in the coming years.


The IT-BPM industry eyes a significant and favourable growth in revenue and employment for the next 6 years. It is expected that by year 2022, IT-BPM industry’s share in the market will increase to 15.5% compared to 12.7% of share as of 2016, if it maintains a continuous growth.

Minor changes in the system were also tackled particularly the demand for mid-level and high-level skills compared to the entry level skills that the industry is currently acquiring. By 2022, it is anticipated that there will be a 73% demand for mid-level jobs in order to offer more complex services which would require experience, abstract thinking and situational response as the low level jobs which necessitates only little abstract thinking are planned to be automated in the near future.

An extension on operations was also discussed during the talk. From a 34% of share from the non-voice sector in the BPM industry, it is expected to rise to 43% by 2022. This would mean more job opportunities for the non-voice division such as payroll and invoicing, HR services, accounting services, IT management, Analytics, and many more.

Anderson Group Takes Part in the Industry Game Plan

As a member of its institution, the Anderson Group attended through the presence of its Business Development Head, Paulo Salud.

He emphasized how the event was a great learning experience and a beneficial opportunity for the Anderson Group to gain some insights on how to further improve the company’s participation in the foreseen growth of the industry.

The steady growth of the industry illustrated during the town hall brought assurance and encouragement to the IT-BPM sector and the Anderson Group BPO, Inc. is immensely in line with its goals to soar for the greater good.

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